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Police Brutality and your rights


This Info is here so we can see the reality of our world and make a positive difference. This is why we should vote and apply ourselves to higher education to fight this oppression that still exist!

This is no computer graphics here, it's real.! This is my wounds from an Electric taser from North Providence Police. How did this happen to me? I was attending a flag party at my institution (Rhode Island College) and the alarm was pulled by unknown persons. I told my friend under my breath that I think the police pulled the alarm and this what they belived the consequences should be. I was tased with a M-26 and called derogatory remarks, man handled, and they tried to put a felony over my head.

These are the men : Sgt. Micheal P Ciresi (the man who tased me while I was handcuffed on my stomach), Sgt. Pelagio, Officer David G. Waddington I would prefer stooges or cowards, but thats just not enough! When God returns, they will get their time to burn!

I was called all these names and the day I was in court they was smiling and talking to the African American officer like they was nice guys . But if you would of heard what I heard, then just seeing that two faced situation made me think twice about individuals who are hypocrites. Be careful, cause some may smile in your face but hate you on the inside. The entire story is below and you must highlight it to see it.

Frequently Asked Civil Rights Questions

What is a Civil Rights Case? 

A civil rights case consists of those cases which protect the rights of people, where the rights are derived from constitutional law.  Many laws are created from local governments or from judges.  However, Civil Rights law flows from the U.S. Constitution.  With regards to civil rights, this internet cite concerns only those civil rights which concern police misconduct also known, in some situations as Police Brutality.

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What is a Police Misconduct Case? 

Police officers, just like any human being, make mistakes.  Some of their errors are very serious and abusive, others are just careless.  The area of law concerning police misconduct concerns situations like excessive force (an officer hurts someone unnecessarily), false arrest and malicious prosecution.  These are the most common cases that are filed in the Court system.

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Excessive Force Cases

A police officer acts with excessive force when he/she uses an amount of force with regards to a civilian that is more then necessary.  Police officers are certainly permitted to use force and in some situations, deadly force.  However, there are times when officers misuse their authority and injure someone without a justified reason.  For example, take a situation where an officer stops an elderly gentleman for speeding.  The officer asks the driver to get out of the car and while the driver opens the car door, the officer yanks him up from his seat and throws him against the car.  This would be an example of excessive force.  As there would be no need to cause injury to the driver of the car, the officer would be liable for using excessive force (here, liable means legally responsible in a court of law for damages that the driver suffers from officers abuse).

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False Arrest

Generally speaking, an arrest is defined as any type of situation that you are involved in with an officer where you are not free to leave.  If you are under arrest, the next question that should then be asked is what is the reason for the arrest.  If the officer does not have a valid reason for arresting you, then you may have a false arrest claim.  Take the following example.  A police officer sees a young lad standing on the corner, alone, minding his own business.  The officer comes up to young man and tells him that he must submit to a search (pat down search).  The boy says no and the officer tells him that he must submit.  The boy again says no and the officer forces him into the squad car and takes him down to the station.  After searching the boy at the station and checking his background, the officer releases him.  The young man has a valid false arrest claim.  He was arrested without any valid basis whatsoever and brought down into the station.

A valid federal claim and state law claim could be pursued and won, assuming that these facts could be proven at trial.

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Malicious Prosecution

A malicious prosecution claim is similar to a false arrest claim.  In this type of case, the officer arrests an individual for no valid reason and then initiates a criminal complaint against the innocent person.  Typical cases in this regard are Aggravated Battery cases.  Here, an officer for no good reason, strikes a civilian.  The civilian blocks the strike and  hits back.  The officer then tackles the civilian and arrests him and charges him with striking the officer known as Aggravated Battery.  After the criminal case is over (and preferably won) the innocent civilian may lodge a civil rights case against the officer for excessive force, false arrest and malicious prosecution.

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What if my case is not so clear cut?

Many people dont understand what it takes to win a police misconduct case.  First, the law can be quite confusing.  Second, there is frequently a difference from what it is that can be proven as opposed to what happened.  For example, a police brutality case would be stronger if there was an independent witness to observe an officers abuse.  Frequently, there are no witnesses and the case must be proven through other means.  Take, for example, the factual scenario of the gentleman (above) in the excessive force case.  If the police officer fails to detail anything in his report to justify his actions and the driver goes to the emergency room for injuries immediately after his interaction with the officer, then the case may easily be proven.  So, the most important thing to do when confronted with a situation involving police misconduct is CONSULT A LAWYER.  Dont leave it to your own decision making process to determine whether you would be able to win a case in court.  The law as well as the manner by which your case can be proven is complicated.  Get some free advice as you will be better off.

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Just because......... I had to let you all know what the scenerio looked like so you could be the detective. This is the officer standing in front of me calling me F@#$ this and that. To his right shoulder were 2 officers and to his left was the door to the main lobby to retrieve our coats. He never asked me for ID, so thats why I said "may I get my coat" because he in fact was wasting my time. But of course you know he said that I refused to give him my ID and all the other lies that some officers come up with that seem to fly in the court room. Let's take a common sense break here...... If I had to show ID to get into the event and I attended the school wouldnt it make sense to show him so he could know I attended that school. We all know that the majority of black youth are targets of white police officers, so why would a brother refuse a break like that. If an officer was going to let you go if you had a clean record, would'nt you show it to him? Well since he didn't ask I guess thats why it was a need for 3 officers to take me down and electricute me for my ID. They had to serve and protect, who can blame them!


So this is it, Rhode Island College, where North Providence Police do as they please with no penalties. Two weeks from the incident, Johnson and Whales had an event here to and guard dogs were brought and inocent students were maced because two guys almost had a fight. But you know how that goes, they had to make split second decisions, whatever!


The one guy that was telling me to not say anything is the group of people the officers mentioned in their report that was surrounding them. not to forget to mention they only let 5 people in at a time. Did I forget to mention they was payed 36 dollars and hour and they only worked 45 minutes and was still payed from 10 to 2am. What a waist of money.


This is where we had to wait for 30 minutes in 40 below weather before they let us back in the building. So of course there was a mob of people outside silly, where did we they find these cops. Then to top it off, 3 officers were blocking this entrance and the Sgt. told them to let only 5 people in at a time. Hmmm..... would'nt you be a little upset.


Unfortunatly for them officers, they didnt know what they were dealing with.................. to put it quite frankly they "they got in the ring with a Champion"