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Blaq Chizz


"Dark" is for the Mass I Represent! "Trilogy" is my source of power and the style I bring to the game! Together I shall call it Dark Trilogy Eternal..............-Chizz

What's Good. Thanks for taking the time to view my site. I'm from the hood of South Providence. I was born and raised on this side where my talent for everything was discovered. I'm a Aspiring Rap artist slash CEO of P-City Records. I'm self taught in my fields with the assistance of a few good people. I am the creator of this page, and majoriy of everything in it. I'm not big on exploiting black woman though I will have a couple of models on here to keep that fire burnin, however I will not take responsibility for destroying our culture to please the MAN, if ya feel me.

I performed in several places throughout Rhode Island and think it's about time I get out of here and start doing big things.

I walk through the underground like Harriet Tubman
Follow constellations, stay away from swines in the dungeon
Help the community rise on a swing with just a push
Because the color of my skin, I may get mushed
But Ill mush them right back cause I dont get down like that
Fire with fire dont mix, so like train I stay on track
Until my goal is finished, non violently surviving like a Destinys child as independent
Its a shame we have to play games with certain people
Im not saying no names, its too lethal
But we remain separate and never equal
Thats why I dedicate my life to the people
The poor and poverty, banking in sovereignty
Roaming the streets where the so called garbage be
Ghetto is creativity, a form of art you must take advantage if youre smart
To serve these young hearts
This is generation X
The next future
Strong like the galaxy, beyond like planet Jupiter
To the new generation, straight up I love you
But always remember
Theres no success without struggle